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Since most consumers buy clothing straight off of a rack we get many questions on what to expect when you are ordering custom clothing. Custom clothing is a much more intimate, one-on-one way to buy clothing; we create exactly what you want. Our designer is very skilled and she will provide you with ideas of what will look good and create designs for you to choose from. Generally, our custom clothing takes between 4 and 8 weeks or more to complete depending on your availability and complexity of the garment, please let us know if you have a firm deadline. We are always happy to rush items, but you will need to check with the designer on cost and feasibility. Please note that brides should plan at least 2 months, but preferably 4 or more. Below I have detailed out all of the steps in the design process, so that you know what to expect.

Initial Designer Meeting- Getting to know you

You will meet with the designer who walks you through the design process and then gathers the information needed to begin the process. The designer will ask you questions on your preferences and what you have in mind for the garment being designed. Our designer will also ask a number of questions unrelated to the garment begin designed in order to get to know you better. Types of fabrics, styling, and the overall design will be further discussed. Pictures are always welcomed, but please keep in mind that we will not copy another designer’s work. We recommend choosing pictures with elements that you like or the overall silhouette of the dress.

Design Presentation and Approval

On the next meeting, the designer will present the designs she created based on your initial meeting. We find that it is best to present simple line drawings for you to look over as possibilities for your custom design. There will be anywhere from 5 to 20 designs depending on the garment being designed with the idea that some of them could be combined to offer additional designs. At this point the designer will discuss with you what you like and don't like from the ideas presented. Sometimes the client will fall in love with a particular design right off and other times the designer will combine or change a couple designs before one is chosen. The designer will also discuss fabrics, colors, trimmings, and other options for the fabrication of the design.We will make any changes you like and will not proceed without your approval of the design. In addition, fabrics and trimmings will also be located for your approval.

See some examples of sketchs to gowns.

The Moulage

A Moulage is a French pattern drafting technique that is meant to fully duplicate your body and will be a basic pattern template for the designer to begin creating your custom clothing. Moulage means to mould in French, so a Moulage should fit you like a second skin. Once the Moulage is complete it will be sewn up in muslin fabric, and then the fit will be checked on your body. The system is never one hundred percent perfect and adjustments will have to be made to get the perfect fit. There are two types of Moulages a Torso Moulage and a Trouser Moulage; you may need one or both depending on the finished project desired.

Bespoke Patterning

Once the design for your custom clothing has been chosen a pattern will be created from your Moulage. Depending on your design you will need between 2 and 5 fittings at the designer’s discretion. The design will be first checked in muslin to make sure it looks the way you want and to double check overall the fit. Then the garment will be cut and sewn in the final fabrics and checked at least one more time before being fully finished. A final fitting is done to make sure that the garment fits the same after any adjustments and any hems are marked at this stage.

Garment Delivery

Finally the garment is delivered to you. The designer will have you try it on one last time to make sure you are completely satisfied. Any minor adjustments can be made right then, if there are any major adjustments then the garment will need to be brought back to the studio. If the garment is good to go then the designer will go over the care instructions for the garment and present you with it in writing or email, if needed. All of our clothing is tagged with care instructions however, in specialty items there may be more to watch out for. Lastly, with your approval, pictures will be taken for designer’s off-line portfolio. In the case of Bridal wear we also appreciate the option of professional photos to use online and if you are willing we can work directly with your photographer to make sure proper credit is given.


Your garment is fully guaranteed; please let us know if there are any problems with the fit, minor damages, or faulty hardware. You should be comfortable in your clothing, so if you are not please let us know and we will fix it for free. Whenever possible we will attempt to fix problems arising after construction, please contact us. We are also glad to look over any tears or other accidents to see if we can fix your garment. We would like you to get as much wear from your custom clothing as possible, and we are willing to repair as needed either for free or for a small fee. If you take your garment to a tailor or seamstress we will not guarantee their work or anything done to the garment, so please try us first.

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