Understanding Bespoke

Bespoke is a traditional men’s suit tailoring term that literally means "to speak." In essence the client tells the tailor what they want for their suit and the tailor fabricates it from scratch without preexisting patterns, or an existing garment. In bespoke suiting, the client retains a high degree of control over the end product picking style, fabric, and even having input on the fit. Bespoke is one hundred percent custom made to the client’s specifications and is often compared to couture in its high level of craftsmanship.

Today bespoke is being used to describe any custom made clothing that is designed and fashioned for one client whether male or female. The idea behind bespoke clothing is, like traditional suiting, that you tell the designer what you want, from shape, cut, color, and fabrics to any trimmings or details. This is true made-to-measure clothing, fully customized to the client’s specifications. Along the way your designer will assist you in making choices that will flatter your body type.

Candice Soutas Design takes bespoke to the next level with our custom wedding gowns, evening wear, and clothing. Our custom bespoke fashion is made to fit your body using over 30 different measurements to get the best possible fit. Candice Soutas Design not only provides custom fitted gowns and clothing, but we also provide one-of-a-kind fashion design. Each custom gown or clothing piece starts on our designer's sketch book before we bring it to life for you. Candice Soutas Design will work with you to design something that you love as well as something that flatters your body. You will have full input in the design, fabrication, and, final fit of the garment. Come find out what truly bespoke clothing feels like!

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