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Avant-garde projects are unusual, over the top, couture like creations that show off the talent of the designer. These one-of-a-kind creations are meant to stretch the designer's capabilities; using unusual fabrication techniques, complex designs, or are fueled by imposed design limitations.

Mad Hatter Wedding Gown

This wedding gown started with idea of the Mad Hatter getting married. What would his bride look like? How crazy would it be? From there the designer tried to capture the feel of the Mad Hatter; slightly crazy, off kilter, lots of things going on with texture and the body of the fabrics. In addition to having the gown give the feel of the Mad Hatter the designer choose to have the bodice look like a vest, the over all silhouette of the dress be that of an 1900s gown, and last but not least the wonderful top hat blocked especially to go with the gown by master milliner Wayne Wichern.

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Discarded to Divine

This project is for a charity auction and designers are required to use at least 50% recycled clothing. In addition, the designer must pick a muse from the Rembrandt exhibit at the de Young museum. For my gown, I choose the Girl with the Pearl Earring. I loved the way the scarves are wrapped around her head and then hang down. I wanted to mimic this feel of a scarf being wrapped around the body and then flowing off. For the used clothing, I found a cream colored taffeta throw, a printed black/white silk chiffon blouse, and a black crepe dress with beaded cuffs that had been cuff off.

This dress was donated to St. Vincent De Paul Society

This dress was donated to the St. Vincent De Paul Society for their annual Discarded to Divine charity fashion show and auction. Preview April 12th 5:30-8:30 at the de Young Museum and auction April 16th 6-8:30 at Gensler in San Francisco. For more information and to view this dress or other projects go to their website at discardedtodivine.org

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